What Parents Aren’t Being Told About Their Child Orthodontics Condition

Parents who visit our South Surrey orthodontics clinic in Metro Vancouver, often wish they had known the importance of early orthodontic intervention sooner.

Early Child Orthodontics intervention addresses conditions beyond dental appearance. These conditions can make it difficult for your child to eat due to bite problems, have poor sleep quality because of blocked airways, or struggle with low self-esteem related to speech difficulties, which can affect their social interactions.

At Beyond Braces, we offer a holistic approach to orthodontics. This article will cover everything you need to know to make the best decision for your child’s dental care.

  1. The Biggest Myth About Early Orthodontic Intervention
  2. Why An Early Assessment Is Important
  3. How Beyond Braces Can Help

The Biggest Myth About Early Child Orthodontics Intervention

Myth: You should wait until your child’s adult teeth are all set before bringing them in for an orthodontic consultation.

Fact: This belief is incorrect and may create problems for your child down the road, and here’s why:

The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends that the first orthodontic visit should happen by their 7th birthday. 

During this first consultation our lead Orthodontist, Dr. Dhol, will evaluate the status of your child’s oral health. 

Not all children need orthodontic treatment at an early age, but If your child has developmental issues, they would need an early orthodontic intervention.

The face bones are naturally flexible at this young age, so intervening early makes it easier for our team of specialists to guide the growth of the jaw into a functional position. This flexibility allows treatment to make permanent changes to the face. Your child won’t have to go through painful and invasive procedures in the future to fix jaw alignment issues.

Ultimately, their airways will be functional enough so they can sleep better, dental cleanings will be less uncomfortable, and they will be confident enough to face any challenges in life with a smile.

Why An Early Assessment Is Important

During your child’s first-ever orthodontic consultation at Beyond Braces, we can identify conditions early on and address them on time. Among the benefits of early orthodontic intervention, we have:

  • Early Detection: Starting assessments as young as 5 years of age let’s orthodontists find issues before they worsen. These issues can include jaw misalignment, crowding, or improper bites.

If your child is a little bit older than that and you worry they might have missed some conditions, book a free second opinion with us.

  • Timing: Orthodontics is about aligning teeth and guiding jaw growth. 40% of jaw development is done by age 4. 90% is done by age 11.
  • Maximizing Growth for Better Results: In the early years, a child’s jawbone is soft. It can adjust to orthodontic treatment easily. Starting treatment early can help guide the jaw’s growth well. It ensures the jaw shapes up to support a good bite and straight teeth. This is important for how a child chews, talks, and breathes.
  • Healthy Adult Teeth: Early jaw correction creates space for adult teeth. It helps their natural alignment and reduces severe crowding. It also decreases the need for tooth extractions later.
  • Preventing Future Problems. If you start orthodontic treatment while kids are still growing, it can prevent big issues in the future. These include crowded teeth, deep overbites, underbites, and poor oral hygiene. This early action helps avoid the need for more serious treatments when they’re older, like surgery.
  • Functional Facial Aesthetics: Guided jaw growth improves facial symmetry and balance. Early treatment can influence the facial profile, enhancing aesthetics alongside functionality.
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: Our team of orthodontists will personalize your child’s treatment plan. This planning is key for treatments that might take several years. It ensures proper timing for your child’s growth spurts and major milestones.

How Beyond Braces Can Help

At Beyond Braces, we are committed to educating parents and clarifying common myths in child Orthodontics. We also provide tailored care for each child’s unique needs. 

Dr. Walinder S. Dhol, a Registered Specialist in Orthodontics, brings over 20 years of dedicated experience and has transformed over 10,000 smiles. He leads our highly experienced team that is committed to excellence with every smile.

We design custom plans to address current and future issues and use the latest technology and treatments for faster and better results.

Do not wait until the last minute when your child’s facial structure is fully developed. Making significant changes later on in life can be more challenging and extensive. If you’re curious about how early orthodontics help your child, click here to book a free consultation with us today!

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